Issue Brief

Safe Havens: The Emerging Terror Hubs in South Asia

Reshmi Kazi

  • Al Qaeda is attempting to expand into new territories in South Asia, “suitable” for safe housing themselves and their illicit activities.
  • Fragile political situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh provide conducive atmosphere to Al Qaeda to secure their bases in these regions.
  • The situation in South Asia raises further concerns over the fact that India and Pakistan are nuclear weapons nations.
  • Terror groups must be exterminated from the region to prevent them from unleashing catastrophe in the region.

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Author Note
Reshmi Kazi (Ph.D) is Associate Fellow in the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. She specializes in areas of nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear disarmament issues. She completed her doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her doctoral thesis is on ‘Evolution of India’s Nuclear Doctrine: A Study of Political, Economic and Technological Dimensions.’ Her latest monograph is “Nuclear Terrorism: The Grand New Terror of the 21st Century” (IDSA Monograph Series, No. 27, October 2013). She regularly writes for the ‘South Asian Voices’ portal at the South Asia Program of the Stimson Center, Washington DC.