Issue Brief

Sri Lanka: Rising Sectarian Schism

Chaarvi Modi

Sri Lanka, home to a plethora of ethnically diverse communities, saw horrific communal bloodshed in July 1983. Over three decades down the line, history seems to be repeating itself as hordes of Buddhists and Muslims ruffle feathers in the nest once again. The island's hard-line Buddhist Power Force is up against the Muslims- setting towns afire, mirroring incidents of the Burmese violence. This time however, the Sri Lankan government cannot escape the ire of the world media and the international community and must do its best to come down heavily on the communal violence and seek long standing solutions for peace among its population.


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Author Note
Chaarvi Modi is a researcher at the School of Liberal Studies, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar (Gujarat). She is pursuing Liberal Studies with a Major in International Relations and Minor in Public Administration. She has written for the Journal of Politics and Governance (December 2013), Mauritius Times (August 2013) and Foreign Policy Research Centre (July 2014), among other websites and journals. Her areas of interest are Indian governance, international politics, energy security and conflict.