Issue Brief

UNSCR 1540: The Missing Links, and A Committed Partner

Sitakanta Mishra


The UNSCR 1540 is a visionary approach to address the threat of WMD proliferation beyond the state-centric approach. It amalgamates the entire range of multilateral obligations and controls relating to WMD-related technology and material. However, it has to bridge a few missing links at the methodological and attitudinal levels to prove optimum and universal. India, a committed partner, maintains a credible safety-security architecture with appropriate legal, physical and collaborative measures, and expects that the regime must ensure “greater national responsibility…accompanied by responsible behaviour by states” to make it thriving.

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Author Note
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi, and the Associate Editor of Indian Foreign Affairs Journal (New Delhi), published by The Association of Indian Diplomats.