"How Islamic State Gained Ground in India Using Indigenous Militant Networks": TM

A series of arrests this year in India has highlighted how India has been unable to escape its overtures as Islamic State (IS) continues its attempts to expand its geographical and online reach beyond Iraq and Syria.


While IS propaganda has so far struck a chord with only a small number of India’s Muslims, reports have emerged that the group’s jihadist ideals spread via web forums and social media have inspired many individuals formerly affiliated with indigenous militant formations such as the Indian Mujahideen and the Student Islamic Movement of India. 


Following sporadic incidents over the last couple of years—such as the appearance of IS graffiti and the group’s black flag in Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, and even reports of masked men dressed in fatigues bearing IS insignia—India seems to be waking up to the reality that IS has made both a real and virtual footprint in the country (Daily Excelsior, June 18, 2015; The Hindu, August 7, 2014). 


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Terrorism Monitor (Jamestown Foundation), April 29, 2016