SSPC Research Paper

Child Soldier in Sri Lanka -- Sukanya Podder
One of the alarming trends of recent warfare pertains to the widespread use of children as soldiers. In an oft-quoted estimate children today are said to be participating as active combatants in over seventy five percent of the world’s armed conflicts. <more>
Biological weapon, Infectious Disease and India’s Security Imperatives -- Animesh Roul
The paper discusses issues related to the infectious diseases in India, both natural and deliberate while examines the nature of threat perceptions for India. Also the paper delves into existing scenario regarding different aspects of deliberate disease spread such as through bio-warfare, bio-terrorism and biological agent use against agriculture in the region. <more>
Iran's Nuclear Imbroglio -- Garima Singh and Rudra Chaudhuri
The imbroglio between Iran and the international community has every potential to spiral into another unnecessary and largely unwanted conflict in the Middle East. While dialogue and coercive diplomatic interactions may prevent the isolation of oil producing Shia majority state, the threat of utilising hard power tools, has needlessly exacerbated an already volatile situation. <more>
A Shift from Crime to Terrorism: Assessing D-Company -- Ajey Lele
Modern era has witnessed an enormous growth in transnational organized crime. Over the years such crime groups have covertly provided arms and ammunition to terrorist groups purely for business interests. However, the difference between organized crime and terrorism has blurred in last few years. <more>
Maritime Terrorism and Piracy: Security Challenges in South East Asia -- Vijay Sakhuja
The security environment in South East Asia is being challenged from several directions. The region is plagued with piracy and has also witnessed maritime terrorism related activities, drug smuggling, gun running and illegal migration. Some of these have the potential to disrupt and destroy maritime enterprise in the region.<more>
Terror in the Abode of Clouds: Insurgency and Nexus Politics in Meghalaya-1994-2004
-- Animesh Roul
Considered a new comer to the problem of insurgency in comparison to other Northeastern states of India, Meghalaya has been witnessing organized armed violence since the early 1990s. Over a period, intermittent violence led to full-fledged insurgency movement, camouflaging itself under the cover of a movement based on ethnic identity. <more>

Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in Northeast India -- Harinder Sekhon
Of particular concern for India is the increasing collusion between Pakistan’s ISI and Bangladesh’s military intelligence establishment, the DGFI, to keep India’s North East bleeding “with a thousand cuts” by stepping up anti-India activities from Bangladesh. <more>