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CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS Magazine: Selected Writings (2007-2018)

July 19, 2019

CBW Magazine Resources

Society for the Study of Peace & Conflict, New Delhi/ Journal on Chemical and Biological Weapons (IDSA): 2007-2018

Skripals’, Novichoks and Russia: Toxic Mystery Deepens amid Denial: CBW MAGAZINE — JANUARY-JUNE 2018.

Islamic State's tryst with chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq: CBW MAGAZINE — JULY-DECEMBER 2017.

Nerve Agents’: Potent Chemical Weapon for War, Terrorism and Assassinations! CBW MAGAZINE — JANUARY-JUNE 2017.

Prep-Com: Setting the Stage for the ‘Eighth’ Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention: CBW MAGAZINE JANUARY-JUNE 2016.

Chemical Anarchy: Islamic State, Chemical Weapon and Syrian War Theatre: CBW MAGAZINE - JULY-DECEMBER 2015.

Chemical Substance Attacks in Afghan Schools: CBW MAGAZINE - SUMMER 2012.

Weapons of War: State Actors and Chemical Weapon through the Years: CBW MAGAZINE  — JULY-DECEMBER 2011.

State Actors and Germ Warfare: Historical Perspective: CBW MAGAZINE - JULY-DECEMBER 2010.

Taliban and Weapons of Mass Disruption Threat: CBW MAGAZINE  — JANUARY –MARCH 2010.

Is Bioterrorism Threat Credible? CBW MAGAZINE  — APRIL-JUNE 2008.

Protecting Homeland: US Biodefense Programme Post 9/11: CBW MAGAZINE  — SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2007.

Author Note
ANIMESH ROUL, Executive Director, Society for the Study of Peace & Conflict, New Delhi