Research Papers

Terror in the Abode of Clouds: Insurgency and Nexus Politics in Meghalaya-1994-2004

June 2005

Considered a newcomer to the problem of insurgency in comparison to other Northeastern states of India, Meghalaya has been witnessing organized armed violence since the early 1990s. Over a period, intermittent violence led to full-fledged insurgency movement, camouflaging itself under the cover of a movement based on ethnic identity. The situation has been manipulated by the social elites, including politicians and bureaucracy while the disillusioned youths have been a pawn in the game of power struggle.

This paper seeks to examine the rise of insurgency and violence in Meghalaya, simultaneously probing the links between the politics and insurgency in the light of recent socio -political developments in the state. It, however, does not aim to deconstruct or reconstruct the much- perceived theories of ethnic conflict taking Meghalaya as referent.


Author Note
ANIMESH ROUL, Research Fellow, Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict, New Delhi