Issue Brief

Two Decades of OPCW

On the twentieth anniversary of OPCW it is imperative to recollect the journey so far and also to ascertain whether the regime succeeded in making the world safer from the threat of chemical weapons or warfare.This issue brief takes a broad overview of the journey of CWC and OPCW during the last two decades.

April 29, 2017

Safe Havens: The Emerging Terror Hubs in South Asia

  • Al Qaeda is attempting to expand into new territories in South Asia, “suitable” for safe housing themselves and their illicit activities.
  • Fragile political situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh provide conducive atmosphere to Al Qaeda to secure their bases in these regions.
  • The situation in South Asia raises further concerns over the fact that India and Pakistan are nuclear weapons nations.
  • Terror groups must be exterminated from the region to prevent them from unleashing catastrophe in the region.