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Energy & Environment

Natural Gas: The Fuel of 21st Century

Laxman Kumar Behera
July 29, 2005

Shift in global energy matrix in favour of hydrocarbons has posed many serious issues including environmental concerns. It is precisely out of the adverse consequences that Natural gas has been accepted as the preferred fuel for the present century. Unlike other fossil fuels it is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources.

The Tsunami and Aid Diplomacy of India

Surjeet Singh Panwar
February 3, 2005

The unprecedented destruction caused by Tsunami waves on December 26 last year, is not only a rare phenomenon for Indian Ocean countries, but it is also unique as it witnessed intense diplomatic maneuvering in the name of aid. The aid flowing from donor countries carry not only humanitarian assistance but are also seen as a diplomatic tool used to further their foreign policy objectives. The first move in this regard was made by India while coping with the disaster on its eastern shores. It is interesting to note that despite suffering loss of almost 15,000 lives and need for Rs.

Environmental Threat beyond McMahon Line

Avilash Roul
September 12, 2007

The impending danger of bursting of an artificial lake/dam on the Pareechu River in the Tibet Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China has been subsided. Indian government, policy makers and security analysts were on tenterhooks till the danger was hovering over their head. The situation was in fact no less serious that the traditional military threat emanating from across the frontiers.