"Profiling Ustad Muhammad Achwan, Indonesia's other leading Islamist"

Ustad Muhammad Achwan: Leader of Jemaah Ansharusy Syariah of Indonesia.

Author : Animesh Roul

December 2014, Militant Leadership Monitor 


But the bigger question confronting the Indonesian Islamists now is whether to support the Islamic State or al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra in the Syrian conflict. While the JI leader announced he was supporting the Islamic State, that group’s very legitimacy and violent interpretation of Islam was being questioned by fellow JI Islamists, creating an ideological rift within the most influential jihadist organization in Southeast Asia. The stiffest resistance to Bashir came from Ustad Mochammad Achwan (a.k.a. Muhammad Akhwan), who was, until recently, an operational commander and caretaker of the Jemaah Anshorut Tawhid (JAT), a JI offshoot. 

For More: See, Militant Leadership Monitor (Dec 31, 2014)



Militant Leadership Monitor, December 31, 2014