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The Global Intelligence: Selected Writings (Spring 2015-Autumn 2017)

June 27, 2019

Society for the Study of Peace & Conflict, New Delhi

Courtesy: The Global Intelligence Magazine: Spring 2015-Autumn 2017

No End in Sight for Syria: How did we get here, and where can we go? THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — AUTUMN 2017 

Muslim VS. Buddhists: Myanmar’s young government must contain its growing ethnic divide. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — SPRING 2017

India’s Left-Wing Extremists: Maoists in the rural areas of India continue to threaten and recruit as they prepare for revolution. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — WINTER 2017

Who Owns Balochistan? India may be trying to play Balochistan as a thorn in Pakistan’s side. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE —AUTUMN 2016

Syria’s Chemical Scourge: The use of horrendous chemical weapons is on the rise in Syria and Iraq, but where are they coming from? THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — SUMMER 2016

The Social Jihad: ISIS’s use of social media may be the greater danger. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE  —SPRING 2016

Two Enemies are Better than One: Differences between Al-Qaeda and ISIS will be key to their defeat.  THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE  —WINTER 2016

Unending Violence, Elusive Peace: Afghanistan struggles for stability in the face of a splintered Taliban and a growing Islamic State. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — AUTUMN 2015

Tremors in the Himalayas: (With Akanshya Shah) Poverty-stricken Nepal faces an uphill climb after two terrible earthquakes, but its politicians and neighbors see only their own opportunities. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE — SUMMER 2015

South Asia’s Islamic State: ISIS recruitment campaigns seek allegiances in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even India. THE GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE  —SPRING 2015

EDITOR’S COMMENT: In Memory of Probir Kumar Sarkar, Publisher, Editor in Chief, The Global Intelligence Magazine. 

Author Note
ANIMESH ROUL, Executive Director, Society for the Study of Peace & Conflict, New Delhi