Subcontinental Woes: Quest for Nuclear Confidence Building Measures in South Asia

The protracted rivalry between India and Pakistan had reached its lowest ebb and virtually plumbed new depths when both the countries detonated a series of nuclear devices way back in May 1998. This overt gesture and successive developments (such as Kargil) made the region a major nuclear flashpoint in the world. Nearly after six years, two warring neighbors have decided to sit across the table to hammer out the much needed confidence building measures (CBMs).


Prithvi Air Defence Exercise: Towards Indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence

India has put its first successful step in the arena of ballistic missile defence by conducting a successful but a surprise test of new interceptor missile in late November over the Bay of Bengal. This missile, named as AXO (Atmospheric Intercept System), was fired from the Wheeler Islands off Chandipur in Orissa. In fact, AXO is a modified version of Prithvi-II specially manufactured for this test. It intercepted another surface-to-surface Prithvi-II missile.

Ajey Lele