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February 01, 2024
RG-Vo grenades. Credit: Andrii Rudyk

Russia is actively using chemical weapons against the Ukrainian military, according to Captain Andrii Rudyk, a representative of the Center for Research of Trophy and Advanced Weapons and Military Equipment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The use of chemical weapons is a serious war crime and is prohibited by several international conventions to which Russia is still a signatory.

Russian troops use a new type of special RG-Vo gas grenades containing an irritant agent against Ukrainian soldiers, Andrii Rudyk stated at a briefing at the Military Media Center in Kyiv on 25 January. According to him, the Russian army first used such grenades in Ukraine in December 2023.

The name of the grenade RG-Vo stands for “hand grenade – poisonous substance” in Russian, which indicates its purpose. According to Andrii Rudyk, in December 2023, a total of 81 cases of the use of Russian grenades with poisonous substances were recorded.

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