Call for Papers and Authors Guidelines

The SSPC welcomes submissions for short commentaries, issue briefs, and research papers to engage in research and dialogue over vital issues pertaining to peace, conflict and human development in South Asia and beyond. For monograph-length work, the author/s should communicate in advance with a short subject summary and a tentative date for draft submission.  All these research publications (e.g. Issue Brief, SSPC Papers, and Monograph) will be peer-reviewed.

Ideally, prospective contributing experts/authors should submit a concise self-explanatory brief summarizing the article/paper and describing its highlights. After approval, the author/ writer is expected to submit the completed manuscripts within the stipulated time frame.

However, the submitted paper must be double-spaced and accompanied by the author’s name, affiliation, complete mailing address, telephone numbers, and email. Draft and manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman (Font Size: 12 with 1.5 line spacing).

The manuscript can be sent only through electronic mail. Authors/scholars should submit one copy via both e-mails (ID given below) as a Microsoft Word attachment. Manuscripts will not be reviewed in case of simultaneous submission elsewhere or materials that have already been published. Drafts and manuscripts should be emailed at: sspconline (AT) and animeshroul (AT) Alternatively, one can use SSPC's contact form to communicate.  

Kindly refer to the SSPC’s CORE RESEARCH AREAS.

Prescribed Formats: The two paramount considerations in all SSPC publications are: Absolute accuracy and highly readable style. Kindly give proper attribution in the manuscript when using another author’s work/ source of your data/information.  Potential authors should never forget to spell check before submission. Manuscripts with misspelled words, poor grammar, partial names, without proper attributions, have less chance of being approved or published.

  • SSPC PAPER should be typically 5000-6000 words in length, including notes.
  • SSPC ISSUE BRIEF should be 3000-3500 words, including notes.
  • SSPC COMMENTARIES must be within 800-1000 words with weblinks or sources if required. Commentaries should be topical or dealing with contemporary issues.
  • MONOGRAPH SERIES: Typically, monographs should be between 50,000 to 60,000 words with proper referencing (Preferably with APA or Chicago Manual style). This can be restructured or reformatted versions of graduate dissertations, doctoral theses, or other focused research reports on a particular topic.

All accepted and reviewed papers shall be published on the SSPC’s web portal. SSPC Editorial team retains the right to edit, condense or rewrite for style.

Telephone queries and WhatsApp submissions will not be entertained.

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