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    • DEBA R MOHANTY, October 10, 2023

    Indian Air Force (IAF) will celebrate its 91st anniversary on 8 October 2023. A proud day for all Indians, whether natural or naturalized or with roots in India yet settled abroad. As India celebrates IAF day and applauds a prominent of its military institutions devoted initially to protect territorial airspace and, in the process, getting recognition as a globally formidable aerospace power, it is a reflection time for all of us.

  • G-20-India
    • AJEY LELE, September 14, 2023

    The recently concluded G20 summit under India’s presidency had many positives. One amongst them is the 'G20 Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure'.  The G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration backed the 'G20 Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI)', a voluntary and suggested framework for the development, deployment and governance of DPI.

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    • AVILASH ROUL, September 11, 2023

    Article 1 of the Constitution of India states that 'India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States', which is being used for the first time smartly as a political-cultural strategy by the highest authority of India. The term 'President of Bharat' has been used for the first time by replacing the usual 'President of India' in an official invite for a dinner hosted by President Murmu on September 9 for the dignitaries attending the G20 summit.

  • Priti Patnaik (GHF)
    • ANIMESH ROUL, August 25, 2023

    Animesh Roul, Executive Director, Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict, New Delhi, engaged in a conversation with Priti Patnaik, the Founding Editor of Geneva Health Files (GHF). The discussion centred around the proposed pandemic treaty and the principal challenges that lie ahead for this treaty.

  • David Fidler, Senior Fellow, Global Health and Cybersecurity, CFR
    • ANIMESH ROUL, August 08, 2023

    "I do not think a pandemic treaty is a good response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing in the WHO-sponsored negotiation process so far has changed my perspective," says global health expert David P. Fidler, Senior Fellow at Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the author of "A New U.S.

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    • ASIF MOHAMMED, July 12, 2023

    China's foray into space exploration began in the late 20th century and has experienced remarkable growth in the early 21st century. Initially, there was some criticism about China's space program, and it was often mentioned that China is reverse-engineering Russian technology. However, over some time, China has consolidated its science, technology and innovation base and found rapid progress in Space. Initially, China started with investments in arenas like launcher development, remote sensing, meteorology and communications.

  • AA-Nasa
    • AJEY LELE, July 07, 2023

    Technology was at the centre stage during the Indian Prime Minister's visit to the United States in June 2023. The joint statement issued comprises more than 40% of the information associated with technology partnerships, defence technology collaboration and aspects of clean energy and space technologies.

  • Tarim Basin-China
    • AJEY LELE, June 06, 2023

    Recently the news has come about an innovative project undertaken by China, which involves digging the biggest (deepest) hole in the Earth. This would be China's first attempt at reaching deep into the Earth's belly. Looking at China's recent history towards undertaking and finishing megaprojects, China is expected to be able to complete this unique project as per its plans.

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    • AVILASH ROUL, June 05, 2023

    Our planet is choking with plastic we produce, consume and dispose of. Plastic has become entangled with tradition and modernity. While plastic has been increasingly and immeasurably integrated into our daily lives for the last three decades, littering of single-use plastic items in our ecosphere severely affects terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems.

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    • AJEY LELE, May 09, 2023

    Bakhmut, an eastern Ukrainian city, has been enduring the consequences of Russia's aggression since the outset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022. Once known as Artemivsk, it retained this name until 2016, encompassing both the Soviet and post-Soviet periods. During the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers laid claim to Bakhmut as part of their territorial ambitions. However, the Ukrainian government managed to retake the city in mid-2014. Russia's interest in Bakhmut stems from its strategic geography, which enables them to disrupt Ukraine's supply lines.