• April 23, 2020

    As the United States begins to draw down its forces in Afghanistan in accordance with the so-called peace agreement with the Taliban, the move could help bring attention to an oft-ignored branch of Islam — that is, the branch of Deoband Islam. Deoband is actually a city in north central India. In the 1860s, it was realized that the Deobandis had a very similar interpretation and approach to Islam as the Saudi Wahhabis.

    • February 27, 2020

    A counter-terrorism and armed conflict specialist provides some insight to the U.S.-Taliban peace negotiations, as President Trump attempts to bring the country one step closer to a historic agreement that has been proposed to end America's longest war.

    • February 18, 2020

    One of India’s flagship biennial military exhibitions – DEF EXPO 2020 (the other being Aero India) – was concluded recently in Lucknow.

    • February 09, 2020

    Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the union budget for FY2020-21 on the floor of the Parliament on February 1, 2020. While the budget is still undergoing autopsy by policy analysts and opinionmakers, the most disappointing of the sectors, that were allocated resources, has been 'national defence'.

    • January 28, 2020

    In Chennai in southern India, an efficient solution is already being used to end India's water crisis. However, it is better to invest in questionable large-scale projects while the wastewater rivers and sewage lakes are spreading

    Dense green grass in front of me as far as the eye wants to see. A sign from the Tamil Nadu nature conservation authority advises that no plastic should be thrown into the Pallikanarai wetlands here. But the nose already says that something stinks here.

  • cbw-dec 2019
    • December 20, 2019

    In late November 2019, the US representative Thomas DiNanno raised Myanmar's non-compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in a statement to the 24th CSP (Conference of State Parties) at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague (Netherlands).

  • UB Post
    • September 10, 2019

    On August 22, an opportunity to provide highest protection to endangered Saiga Antelope was lost due to opposition from Russia, China and Kazakhstan.

    • August 05, 2019

    Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar: Provocateur of Kashmir’s Enduring Terrorist Movement 

    Animesh Roul 

    • July 01, 2019

    Water crisis India: "We get what we deserve"

    June 29, 2019  Gilbert Kolonko

    Once a year, India is reminded that the disaster is already here. It is largely self-inflicted

    The fact that it is hot in India and the asphalt melts generated headlines in only a few German media this summer , because that's it at this time every year.

    • June 05, 2019

    Following the April 21 Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that killed over 250 people and injured many more, the Sri Lankan authorities and a devastated populace are still left with troubling questions. How had this unheard of ‘Islamic extremism’ reach its shores unnoticed and who nurtured this deadly strain of jihad in the country?